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CMHA branches across Manitoba offer a variety of services. Our services are informed by CMHA’s Framework for Support and the recovery model as a basis for working with people with mental health illnesses and challenges.

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Rehabilitation and Recovery

This service assists people with a mental illness to choose, get and keep valued roles in the community such as an employee, tenant, or student. Working through a step-by-step process with a Rehabilitation Worker, people learn skills and make the changes necessary to be successful and satisfied.


Individuals are eligible for the Rehabilitation and Recovery program if: 

  • You are 18 years of age or older 
  • A resident of Winnipeg 
  • Have a mental health diagnosis 

Rehabilitation staff work with individuals using a Psychosocial Rehabilitation approach to select a place to live, learn, work, or socialize from the broadest range of possibilities based on personal preferences, interests and skills. The person has an opportunity to develop wellness plans, gain self-awareness and insight about recovery, learn how to problem solve an issue before a crisis develops, and respond to and manage stress. The development of the right skills, resources and supports are important once the person begins their new role so they can achieve success in it. 

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