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Board of Directors

Our Association in Manitoba is governed by a Board of Directors that has a minimum of eight members and a maximum of 14 members. The board strives for representation that includes consumers, family members, and caregivers. Board members are elected at the Association’s annual general meeting in June of each year.

The Board’s role is to define the Association’s values, vision, and the impact the organization will have in our community.

Current Board Members

CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg

Monique Levesque-Pharoah

Chair and National Representative

Annette Alex Roussin

Vice Chair

Bonny Wynnobel


Louis Sorin


Colin Findlay

David Salvatore

Colleen Dawson

Lauren Parrish

Len Andrusiak

CMHA Central

Kyle Berg


Paul Chislitt


Betty-Jean Checkley


Corinne Thompson


Amanda Fontes

Melanie Gessell

Lori Judson

Elaine Burton-Saindon

Jane Park

CMHA Swan Valley

Twyla Gilroy


Korey Ogungbemi

Vice Chair

Kim Armstrong

Secretary Treasurer

Cathy Haggerty

Shellie Verville

Krista Tooley

CMHA Thompson

Tricia Griffin


Zoe Bettess

Vice Chair

Cole Gagne


Treena Kuhl

Sonal Bachu Purohit

Ruth Lapitan Larino

Ethel Nyabeze

Nicole Nicolas

Robert Frost

Disclosure Statement: Board members of CMHA in Manitoba do not receive any compensation for serving on the board. Furthermore, our conflict of interest guidelines prohibit board members from receiving personal payments for any products or services that may be provided to the agency.