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CMHA branches across Manitoba offer a variety of services. Our services are informed by CMHA’s Framework for Support and the recovery model as a basis for working with people with mental health illnesses and challenges.



The purpose of the Canadian Mental Health Association Residential Services Program is to provide housing support to clients in the Northern Health Region. The emphasis of all of our housing programs is providing support while focusing on the strengths of the individual – encouraging their use of personal, family, and community-based resources to maintain their optimal level of mental health; and to maintain or enhance their quality of life.

We support individuals to gain the skills needed to lead satisfying and successful lives in the community, help clients access and secure a stable income, and provide the skills and support needed to ensure long term success in the housing of their choice.


Through referrals and contacts, we also: 

  • Assist clients to live as independently as possible, acquire the appropriate supports, improve upon current supports, obtain income benefits necessary to secure transitional or permanent housing in the community, and housing placement assistance 
  • Advocating for clients housing needs 
  • Liaise with landlords and other stakeholders in community to maintain good relations with participants of the service. 
  • Providing transitional housing for those with mental health and/or substance use issues 
  • Assistance with accessing the Canada Manitoba Housing Benefit (CMHB) up to $350 per month if you qualify.

No, we do not provide counselling, therapy, or medical treatment for mental illness, but we do provide referrals to other services you might require.

For more information, please call our Director of Housing at 204-677-6057 or email

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