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CMHA branches across Manitoba offer a variety of services. Our services are informed by CMHA’s Framework for Support and the recovery model as a basis for working with people with mental health illnesses and challenges.



The Portable Housing Benefit program is a rent supplement accompanied by housing supports for low income individuals with a mental health disability.
Please call our office at 204 478 6531 for more information about the Portable Housing Benefit. 


You are eligible for the Portable Housing Benefit if: 

  • Enrolled on Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) on the basis of a mental health disability 
  • In an unstable housing situation at the time of application 
  • Living in a private rental accommodation 
  • Willing to engage with the Canadian Mental Health Association, who are delivering the PHB 

The Portable Housing Benefit offers the recipient both a rent supplement and housing supports. 


Rental Supplement 

The PHB rent supplement is calculated as the difference between the recipient’s actual rent and the amount of rental assistance received from EIA, up to a maximum of $200 per month. 


Housing Supports 

The Canadian Mental Health Association Interlake Eastern Region provides a supported housing program model to adults with mental illness in the Interlake Eastern Region. This program can help individuals with the following: 

  • Finding suitable housing 
  • Setting up a household (e.g., obtaining furniture and household items) 
  • Maintaining a household 
  • Paying the rent and utilities 
  • Connecting with other services 
  • Empowering clients to speak for themselves 

If you are interested in applying for the PHB, or learning more about the benefit, you should contact the Canadian Mental Health Association – Interlake Region. 


Phone: 204 478 6531

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