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2024 Scholarship Application Guidelines

Eleanor Pluchinski

The Eleanor Pluchinski Memorial Scholarship Fund is Designed to provide financial resources for people with experiences of mental illnesses or mental health challenges who are pupsuing post-secondary education.

Eleanor recognized the significance of supporting those impacted by mental illness and addictions. This scholarship was established to break down barriers, providing financial assistance and educational opportunities to empower individuals on their journey to recovery, fostering resilience and breaking the stigma associated with mental health. 

The Eleanor Pluchinski Memorial Scholarship Fund  awards five $1,000.00 scholarships annually. Following the selection by the Review Panel, successful applicants will be notified early October 2024.  The funds will be issued directly to the educational institution for tuition fees or to the bookstore for book costs. Applicants must agree to provide a written report to the Review Panel on how the scholarship assisted them by December 1, 2024. 

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Experience of mental illness or significant substance use challenge
  • Currently accessing therapeutic support/mental health services 
  • An identified job goal 
  • A demonstrated need for financial assistance 
  • Must  be enrolled at a recognized Manitoba post-secondary institution by September 16, 2024 
  • At least 20 years of age and a resident of Manitoba
  • Application deadline: June 30, 2024, 11:59 pm 


Applicants are NOT eligible if they are currently participating in a government-sponsored job training or receiving major financial support. Applicants can apply more than once but will NOT be eligible to win an award two consecutive years. 


Applicants awarded the scholarship who are unable to confirm enrolment by September 16, 2024, will be asked to provide additional documentation to support their extenuating circumstances. 


Changes to recipients’ course or program between the time of award notification and the beginning of the course or program must be discussed with the Review Panel in order to remain eligible for the original award. 


If you require assistance in completing this application, please contact: Stephen Sutherland, or 204.982.6100 


PLEASE NOTE: ONLY electronic submissions will be accepted. Submissions received by mail or fax will not be considered. 


I understand. Proceed to my application. 



2024 Application Form 

For your application to be considered, please complete the following questions in full. You are welcome to attach any supporting documents or provide further explanation for the Review Panel to consider (maximum of TWO (2) pages single-sided or ONE (1) page double-sided). Applications with missing information or supporting documents in excess of two pages may be disqualified. 


All of the application questions are on this page so that you can see them at a glance. 


Please review them in advance to ensure you have all the answers and materials ready, as you cannot save or return to this form at a later time once you begin. 


To complete this application, you will need: 


  1. A cost estimate from your Educational Institution Including your Student ID (1 page maximum) 
  2. Two signed electronic letters of reference (1 page maximum – see format) 
  3. Optional: Any additional supporting documents (2 pages maximum) 
Please answer the next questions as fully as possible, in as much detail as possible.

Please describe how your experience with mental health-related challenges has had an impact on your education (negatively and/or positively). Applicants can either submit a narrative (instead of and) or record a video no more than 10 minutes in length*.

*Please send the video using OneDrive Video Tutorial

Please fill out the expense form below and break down the expenses for your course of studies for one semester only. The categories of expenses covered by the Eleanor Pluchinski Scholarship include tuition, books and other special course supplies that are payable to the campus directly. Books and other special course supplies acquired off-campus are not eligible expenses because award funds are issued directly to the educational institution.

Please attach documentation (1 page maximum) from the institution to support your estimate (e.g., a copy of the fee schedule from the Educational Institution website). Please attach a pdf, jpeg, etc. and ensure that the image is viewable.
References required:
Please attach two letters of reference that are no longer than one page and is signed by the author. The letters of reference must include:
  • how you meet the criteria;
  • describe their relationship with you;
  • speak to your financial need;
  • express your commitment to your mental health and well-being and share the focus that you have in making a difference in your community/society with the completion of a post-secondary degree.

Please also complete the information below for your references. Both references must be a non-family member, such as an employer, therapist, doctor, coach, social worker, teacher, community member, etc.

Reference #1
Reference #2